Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the injections go?

We strongly recommend getting intramuscular injections in your glute, which can be accessed easily by pulling the ​waistband of your pants down slightly. This is a bigger muscle, which means it typically hurts less than an injection in ​the arm. You, of course, have the final say on whether it goes in your glute or arm, but the glute is usually the more ​comfortable option. Injections are performed in a private room for your comfort.

Where does the IV go?

The nurse will assess both of your arms to find the best vein possible. The most common and comfortable place for ​the IV to be inserted is the inside of your elbow, which is why that is always the first place the nurse will check. The ​hand is also used from time to time for those who have deep or rolling veins. The nurse will talk through every step ​with you so you are always aware of what they are doing before they do it.

What is the difference between a regular infusion and a quickie infusion?

Regular infusions include 1,000 mL of sodium chloride, whereas quickie infusions include 500 mL of sodium chloride. ​Even though you’re getting less hydration, you are still getting the same dose of supplements regardless of the size ​of the bag it comes in.

How long do these services take?

Injections can take up to 15 minutes depending on how many you’re getting, regular infusions take about an hour, ​and quickie infusions take about thirty minutes.

How frequently can I get these services?

These services can be done as frequently as weekly. The necessity for weekly visits varies based on all how ​quickly your body metabolizes the supplement and what your goals are. Most of our clients find that ​monthly infusions are a great way to give themselves a good boost, and weekly to bimonthly injections are a ​great way to sustain the benefits of a supplement.

What to Expect

  • When you arrive at either location you will be greeted by the receptionist who will verify the ​service(s) you're getting and give you a tablet to complete the New Client Paperwork. If you ​are unsure which service you would like, that is perfectly fine! Once you finish your paperwork, ​you can meet with a nurse for a free consultation. You can make an account on our client ​portal and fill out your paperwork ahead of time by clicking here.

  • The receptionist will take your vitals with a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure cuff. Your ​nurse will review your medical history while your vitals are being taken.

  • Injections can take five to fifteen minutes, depending on how many injections you're getting.

  • Our infusions come in two different sizes. The smaller bag takes about 30 minutes and the full ​bag takes about an hour. You receive the same dosage of supplements in the smaller bags as ​you do in the bigger bags.

  • After you meet with your nurse to verify your services or for a consultation, you can choose a ​complimentary beverage, grab a magazine, and even an eye mask, and get comfortable.

  • Infusions can be given on our comfy chaise lounges or our cozy couches. Injections will be ​given in a private room, as they sometimes require more skin exposure than just your arm ​(glute, thigh, or stomach).

  • Your nurse will squeeze the muscle as they give the injection to minimize any pain from the ​poke. We use much smaller needles than they use for blood donation/labs. Injections are super ​quick which makes them very convenient for those on the go!

  • For an infusion, a tourniquet will be placed on your upper arm, allowing the nurse to see your ​veins easily. The first place the nurses will always check for good veins will be the inside of ​your elbows. It's best to wear a short-sleeved shirt or a shirt that allows you to comfortably roll ​up your sleeve. If your veins are deep or tend to roll, your hands will be the next place they ​check for a good vein.

  • Once the nurse finds a good vein, they will insert the IV. This process is very quick and the pain ​of the initial poke will dissipate in seconds. The needle only goes in your arm for a second to ​insert the thin IV tubing. The IV tubing is flexible, so you can bend your arm but this will slow ​the flow of fluids.

  • The nurse will then connect the tubing to your infusion which will start flowing immediately. ​Some people may notice a funny taste in their mouth from the vitamins. Most people describe ​the taste as being similar to a Flintstones vitamin. We have complimentary candies and ​flavored drinks to combat it.

  • Once you are all set up with your infusion, you can use this time however you'd like! Read, ​draw, nap, chat, work, etc. Your nurse will be keeping an eye on your infusion and you, to make ​sure it is flowing properly and to be there if you need anything. If you need an extra blanket, ​another drink, a magazine, or anything else just ask.

  • Once your infusion has finished, the nurse will remove the tubing and give you gauze to apply ​pressure to the site. Typically the bleeding stops after a minute or two.


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